Cloud Cybersecurity


Confidence has never been so low in a key threat prevention technology: endpoint security.

Conventional antivirus protection is struggling to keep up with today’s threats and attacks.

It slows down machines and users and is complex and resource-intensive.  
Cloud Cybersecurity KEY FEATURES
Traditional antivirus presents the hassle of ensuring every Endpoint has the latest update. SecureAnywhere Business Endpoint Protection communicates with the cloud, which means there are no definition or signature updates to deploy and manage. 

As malware detection occurs continuously in real time, performance issues fade away. Scheduled systems scans are normally around 30 seconds and never impact endpoint performance. Virtual desktop and server environments, plus many embedded operating systems, also see improved performance.

The world’s smallest and fastest endpoint security client makes deployment fast and easy. The SecureAnywhere antimalware agent happily coexists with other antivirus solutions, with no need to immediately rip and replace.

SecureAnywhere Business Endpoint Protection is a smarter way to solve malware prevention, endpoint security performance, management. It provides the protection you need without the demanding overhead of conventional antivirus.